Aesthetic values of Lo Lo costumes

(VOV) - Although they live in remote, isolated mountain areas of Ha Giang and Cao Bang province and have a small population, the Lo Lo have a strong sense of culture and still wear their traditional costumes.

Lo Lo women teach their children how to choose materials and sew traditional costumes and decorations. 

The Lo Lo Hoa and Lo Lo Den use pieces of colored fabric to decorate their costumes. The Lo Lo Den embroider lively images between the pieces.

A set of female clothes consists of a shirt, pants or a skirt, and a headscarf. The round-neck shirt buttons in the front and has long sleeves. They sew on triangular patches to make square patterns on the sleeves, front, and back of the shirt and on the pants. 

Lo Sy Pao, patriarch of the Sung Pa A hamlet in Meo Vac town, said, “The Lo Lo’s clothes are a little bit different from other groups. We do a lot of sewing and embroidery. The Lo Lo buy colored fabric and sew harmonious patches on their clothes. Their indigo headscarf is similar to the Pieu headscarf of the Thai. They wear their traditional costumes at festivals, wedding ceremonies, and funerals.”

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Lo Lo men’s clothes are simpler than those of the women. They wear a shirt and loose-fitting indigo pants. At festivals, they wear a headscarf decorated with colorful beads. Their belt has tassels on both ends, which are tied in the front.

Black is the dominant color of clothes of the Lo Lo Den or Black Lo Lo. Women wear belly shirts. The sleeves are patched with blue, red, purple, and yellow pieces.

Lung Thi Minh of Sung Pa A hamlet says they prefer images of rice, waves, and spider webs. “We sew the big pieces first and then the smaller pieces. Red is the main color. We love red because it represents the sun,” Minh noted.

The headscarf is made of indigo or red cloth. The edges are beautifully embroidered. Colorful buttons or beads are sewed into flower images.

Lo  Lo girls learn sewing and embroidery when they are small. When they get married, brides wear clothes they made for themselves. 

Lung Thi Huyen of Song Pa A hamlet shared, “My mother taught me embroidery when I was 12. I like sewing because it helps preserve my group’s culture. I will teach the craft to young people.”

Visiting the Lo Lo hamlets during festivals, tourists are charmed by the beautiful Lo Lo girls in their colorful costumes, which reveal their aesthetic sense and love of nature.