A Viet-Malaysian girl enthuses with Vietnamese “Ca tru” music

Working as an MC at the Thang Long Ca tru Club, Thuy Duong is known for her typical Vietnamese beauty, excellent English as well as her knowledge and love for the Vietnamese folk music "Ca tru".

a viet-malaysian girl enthuses with vietnamese "ca tru" music hinh 0
Thuy Duong is a 16-year-old Vietnamese Malaysian mixed girl named Khairunnaisa Thuy Duong Taat. 

She is currently studying at the French International School and has been working as a volunteer MC at the Thang Long Ca tru Club for 4 years.

She first knew about Ca tru in 2013 after watching a Ca tru performance with her Vietnamese mom inside an ancient house in Ma May street, Hanoi. 

The touching melody and the smooth mixture of different traditional music instruments have immediately attracted the 12-year-old girl. Later, Duong volunteered to work at the Thang Long Ca tru Club.

As a volunteer, Thuy Duong has chance to wallow in the Vietnamese folk music of Ca tru and started loving this unique music. 

Artist Pham Thi Hue, Chairman of the Thang Long Ca tru Club noticed the passion inside this little girl and decided to promote her to be an MC of the show.

Since then, no matter how busy she has been, Duong has participated in every show. Sometimes, the schedule was very tight, but she still managed to work it out, not missing any shows.

Respecting Thuy Duong's love with the traditional music, Thuy Duong's parents have been on her side, preparing performance costumes for her and taking her to shows, in the last 4 years.

With her command English, Duong introduces Ca tru to foreign audiences. 

Once, an American professor of music waited till the end of the show to ask Duong the meaning of each sentence in Ca tru, and her English and knowledge of Ca tru impressed him. 

After that, he became a frequent audience at the Thang Long Club and he also suggested cooperating with the Thang Long Club to promote and make the music more interesting for foreigners.

Being aware of her role in bringing Ca tru to the world, Duong continues to learn more about Ca tru, and hopes to introduce and popularize it across the world, and somehow to inspire her love for the folk music to other people.

Artist Pham Thi Hue said, although at a very young age, Thuy Duong already holds a serious and professional attitude toward Ca tru and is loved by many people. 

Unfortunately, she has not chosen to be an artist of Ca tru although she is a talent musician of Ca tru. 

"Thuy Duong is a very special girl!", Ms. Hue said in a way of expressing her love for the little Vietnamese-Malaysian girl with great passion for Ca Tru music.


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