20 marvellous photo montages of Hanoi and Paris

(VOV) -Using techniques of superimposition and photo montage, German photographer Matthias Meyer has blurred the lines between authenticity and imitation in a unique exhibition you won’t want to miss.

By cleverly superimposing 20 images of Paris and Hanoi, the imaginative artist has created alternately quirky and poignant images bringing together various aspects of the two urban worlds.

The free exhibition, themed Disorientation – a Small Paris in Hanoi, will run July 22-26 at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi.

20 marvellous photo montages of hanoi and paris  hinh 0

Matthias Meyer was born in Gottingen, Germany in 1969. He studied art at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf with Gerhard Richter and was named ‘student of honour (Meisterschuler) in Richter’s last master class in 1994.

Meyer is currently residing in Hanoi and is teaching a course for photographers from all around the globe.