Yen Bai Province kick starts Vietnam Tourism Year 2017

VOV.VN - The opening ceremony for Yen Bai Tourism Year 2017 took place May 19 at Square 19/8 with the participation of 300 local artists, singers and beautiful young models from across the country.

yen bai province kick starts vietnam tourism year 2017  hinh 0
The opening ceremony included magnificent art performances highlighting the culture and history of the Province.

The climax of the year’s events will be a fashion show of Viet Hung that will feature a bevy of young and beautiful models in the designer’s latest Ao Dai stylish gowns, according to the executive board.

Other activities that will take place include a tourism seminar, a festival worshipping the Mother Goddess of Mountain and Forest, and a trade fair featuring local products among a series of music, dance, food and drink events.


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