Exports of top 10 commodity groups surpass US$111 billion

VOV.VN - Exports of ten key groups of products made up over US$111 billion out of the two country’s total export value of US$154.3 billion in the first three quarters of this year, according to the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

exports of top 10 commodity groups surpass us$111 billion hinh 0
Telephones and components topped among export products with US$31.54 billion, trailed by garment (US$19.21 billion), computers, electronics and components (US$18.54 billion), footwear (US$10.64 billion), machines, equipment and tools (US$9.31 billion), seafood (US$5.99 billion), wood and timber products (US$5.54 billion), means of transport and tools (US$5.1 billion), fibres (US$2.63 billion) and fruit and vegetables (US$2.63 billion).

The Ministry of Industry and Trade forecast a bright prospect for export growth of the ten commodity groups in the coming time.  Telephone and component exports will continue to grow as world 
manufacturers are operating stably in Vietnam.

Exports of computers, electronics and components rose by 40% in the period and continue to increase in the next months as businesses have successfully expanding markets and boosting exports to regional 
countries including the Republic of Korea, Canada, China, Taiwan and Russia and maintaining growth in traditional markets such as the US, Japan and China. These products have also many opportunities to conquer new markets, especially small markets where famous brands do not exist.


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