China F12 Futures: Hoang Nam falls in quarterfinals

VOV.VN - Twenty-year-old Hoang Nam’s run at a China F12 Futures men’s singles title is over after he lost in the quarterfinals today (July 14) to his 20-year-old challenger Sun Fajiing of China.

china f12 futures: hoang nam falls in quarterfinals hinh 0
In the first set, Nam, ranked No. 475 in the world, suffered a 4-6 defeat to Fajing, ranked No. 427, rebounded in the second to take the lead but faltered and came up short in the final set.

Later in the day, Hoang Nam and Sun Fajing are scheduled to face Alcantara of the Philippines and Singh Karunuday of India in the men’s doubles finals.


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