Vietnam Airlines calls off flights to Taiwan due to storm Talim

The national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines has moved all flights between Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and China’s Taiwan from September 13 to a day later due to storm Talim.

vietnam airlines calls off flights to taiwan due to storm talim hinh 0
Flights VN576/577/578 between Hanoi and Taipei and VN570 between Ho Chi Minh City and Taipei for September 13 have been rescheduled to take off on September 14.

The carrier also plans to delay flights VN571 between Taipei and Ho Chi Minh City and VN579 between Taipei and Hanoi.

The carrier will follow weather conditions and update on further flight schedule adjustments. 

It recommended passengers who intend to travel to or from Taipei follow the storm’s movements and the carrier’s latest announcements via, ticket agents nationwide or call its hotline 19001100.

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