British cyclist to “Everesting for Newborns”

(VOV) -British Cyclist David Lloyd will embark on the toughest and most extreme of cycling challenges, ‘Everesting’.

The ultimate test of climbing for mountaineers is summiting Everest, the highest mountain in the world. For cyclists it is cycling the height of Mount Everest, 8,848 metres in one continuous cycling effort.

“Everesting” is a first for Vietnam and the peak to be conquered is Ba Vi Mountain in the national park west of Hanoi. David will have to cycle up and down 9 times. Ba Vi doesn't offer many views, which adds to the toughness; it is a 12 km tunnel of trees on a punishing gradient.

This incredibly challenging ride is being undertaken on December 13 to raise funds for Newborns Vietnam’s work to improve the survival rates of newborn infants in Vietnam.

british cyclist to "everesting for newborns" hinh 0

The information was released at a press conference on November 5 held by Suzanna Lurban, a representative of British charity Newborns Vietnam, UK Ambassador to Vietnam Giles Lever and British Cyclist David Lloyd.

Especially, UK Ambassador to Vietnam Giles Lever will cycle with David on one ascent. “This is an incredible challenge. I am joining it for two reasons. First to show my support for Newborns Vietnam’s brilliant work, which is making a real difference to the life chances of babies in Vietnam; and second, to highlight the incredible efforts of the British and international cycling community in Vietnam to raise funds for this work.”, Lever said.

David Lloyd has been in Hanoi for three years as a British photographer and writer. He took up road cycling in Hanoi and started climbing Ba Vi regularly. In 2014, David placed second on general classification in his age group at Thailand's five stages Tour of Friendship. In Vietnam, he won the Laguna Lang Co triathlon and the Vietnam Mountain Marathon (42km) in Sapa.