40 villas built without permit in Danang

About 40 villas are being constructed on a natural peninsula in the central Vietnamese province of Danang without permits, while local authorities had not been aware of the violation until recently.

The Bien Tien Sa JSC has had the foundation of some 40 villas, as part of the Bien Tien Sa eco-resort project, constructed without proper building approval on Son Tra Peninsula.

Located seven kilometers from Danang on the central Vietnamese coast, Son Tra Peninsula has become increasingly known as an alluring tourist retreat, whose forest is used as a shield from typhoons, and for eco-tourism growth and national defense.

40 villas built without permit in danang hinh 0

Authorities in the central city on March 18 carried out an investigation into the case and ordered the project developer to cease the construction.

According to the observation of Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reporters, the only road leading to the construction site is protected by two layers of security guards, making it impossible for outsiders to enter the area.

There was no sign indicating ongoing construction at the entrance to the site.

Inside the location, a part of the local forest was cleared for the building of roads and sewage systems, as well as the foundation of the villas.

According to a permit signed by Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, former director of the municipal Department of Construction, in February 2009, Bien Tien Sa Company is only allowed to build roads and drainage systems in the area.

A representative of 319 Mien Trung (Central Region) Construction Company, which was hired for the construction of the project, refused to provide any explanation while speaking to Tuoi Tre.

He only confirmed that the project developer had submitted a report regarding the ongoing construction to competent agencies following their inspection on March 18.

“Just ask the local administration. They will give you the answer,” the representative told Tuoi Tre.

During an interview with the newspaper on March 18, Nguyen Thanh Nam, vice-chairman of the Son Tra People’s Committee, affirmed that the villas had been built without formal permission.

Aside from the violation, the project developer also failed to hang information signs at the entrance to the construction site as per regulations.

The company admitted that they just wanted to expedite the project, Nam elaborated.

Regarding effects on the local environment, Bien Tien Sa has prepared several measures to restore the forest upon completing the project.

Local authorities will determine a suitable penalty for the developer, the official said, adding that the construction of the villas would be stopped until a legitimate permit is issued.


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