Communications’ role in development of ASEAN Community

VOV.VN - Vietnam and other ASEAN members have attached great importance to information sharing.

communications’ role in development of asean community hinh 0

Activities are underway that include information about ASEAN on mass media, contests about ASEAN, and publications to increase public awareness and understanding between peoples towards building a more dynamic and united bloc.

Last month’s ASEAN Festival in Hanoi was attended by representatives of all ASEAN countries. 

The event featured a presentation on ASEAN’s founding and half century of accomplishments, a photographic exhibit on the land and people of ASEAN, a display of postage stamps depicting the ASEAN Community, and reports and documentary film screenings on the culture of ASEAN countries.

Ibnu Hadi, Indonesia’s Ambassador to Vietnam, said: “This year’s festival celebrates the 50th anniversary of ASEAN. Last year I participated in a similar event. I think the festival should be continued to make the public more aware of the ASEAN Community.”

Information sharing has contributed to realizing by 2025 ASEAN’s 3 pillars: the Political-Security Community, the Economic Community, and the Socio-Cultural Community.

Hoang Vinh Bao, Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, said, “ASEAN is a community that puts its people at the center of all development and cooperation policies. Information is a bridge enabling Vietnam to integrate into the ASEAN Community and other members to better understand Vietnam towards uniting all the peoples of ASEAN."

"Communications programs should inform people of the progress of their country’s integration within ASEAN—and the benefits and challenges that brings—so that they can accompany their state in that process,” he added.

The Festival included an ASEAN Week and publications and seminars on ASEAN’s three pillars. 

Maria Cynthia Pelayo, Consul General of the Philippine Embassy in Hanoi, said, “Information and communications play key roles in spreading information about the land, culture, and people of ASEAN member countries to other regional nations. Vietnam can act as a model example in promoting the diversity of ethnic groups in Vietnam and in other ASEAN countries.”


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