US, Switzerland buyers turning towards Vietnam gemstones

VOV.VN - The US, the world's largest diamond market by total dollar sales, is increasingly turning to coloured gemstones from Vietnam as its jewellery of choice, according to data compiled by Vietnam Customs.

us, switzerland buyers turning towards vietnam gemstones hinh 0

The US imported roughly US$283.63 million of cut coloured gemstones in the eleven months of last year leading up to December, allowing for Vietnam exports to jump by nearly 148% of the figure for the same eleven-month period in 2015.

Meanwhile, exports to Switzerland, Europe's jewellery manufacturing hub, have also leapt upwards, touching an estimated US$329 million, making the Central European country the second largest market of Vietnam.

The two countries collectively accounted for a 74.4% market share of the country’s exports, which tallied in at US$823.47 million for the January-November 2016 period, per Vietnam Customs figures.


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