Most of chicken imports come from US

VOV.VN - Vietnam imported around 22,500 tons of chicken valued at US$19.8 million from early this year to March 15, according to the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

most of chicken imports come from us hinh 0
Most of import chicken products in recent years come from the US, Brazil and the Republic of Korea.

Last year, chicken from the three markets accounted for 87% of total chicken imports into Vietnam. The import value from the US alone reached US$61.1 million, making up 56% of total revenue. Most of the import products were chicken drumstick with average price of US$0.68 (VND15,500) a kilo.

Since early this year, Vietnamese businesses have imported 12,200 tons of chicken from the US totally valued at US$10.1 million, including 11,300 tons of drumsticks (US$9.2 million) at an average price of US$0.8 (VND18,000) which is too cheap compared to domestic products on the market.

Earlier in 2015, the Animal Husbandry Association in southeastern Vietnam planned to lodge an anti-dumping lawsuit against the US chicken imports. The price of US chicken on HCM City market was VND23,000 per kilo, which was half as expensive as Vietnamese products and one-quarter as expensive as they were sold on the US market.

The association proposed reconsideration of the quality of chicken imported from the US.

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