Vietnam opens first functional food factory that meets European standards

Officially inaugurated and operated on May 14, the functional food factory, invested by Savipharm Joint-Stock Company, uses dust-free, non-exposure technology, and is controlled using Scada system.

vietnam opens first functional food factory that meets european standards hinh 0

The factory, equipped with modern facility, has the capacity of supplying 500 million pills per shift per year, and can produce various forms of medicines, including film-coated tablets, sugar-coated tablets, hard gelatin capsules and effervescent tablet.

Savipharm’s factory meets all standards to produce healthy functional foods that have the same quality with imported products.

According to Savipharm’s director, Tuu Tran, the company is willing to cooperate with domestic functional food companies to develop and create high quality products; it is also willing to cooperate and licensing the factory to foreign companies; and it can handle producing and processing functional foods for domestic and foreign companies. 

Savipharm also aims toward exporting high quality functional food products to the international market.

In Vietnam, the functional food industry has been growing strong for the last 15 years, with more than 20,000 approved products and more than 4,000 manufacturing companies. Approximately 50% of the urban population use functional foods regularly.

Also during this event, Savipharm opened two new assembly lines that will modernize the Pharmaceutical Factory, better manage medicine quality, and better protect workers’ health. Earlier, Savipharm had operated pharmaceutical factory that meets the quality standards of GMP Japan and GMP PIC/S.

Savipharm was founded on August 2015. It operates in three main sectors: (1) producing medicines and medicine-related products, (2) storing and distributing medicines, and (3) participating in research, development and training. Regarding revenue and quality, Savipharm is one of the top 10 leading pharmaceutical firms in Vietnam.


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