Phung Thi Tho in the multi-billion VND farming business

VOV.VN - Phung Thi Tho of Ba Vi district, Hanoi, has become well-off from farming on her poor piece of land.

phung thi tho in the multi-billion vnd farming business hinh 0
Phung Thi Tho was honored as one of the capital’s outstanding women in 2016 and one of 100 Vietnamese outstanding women in 2017
With great determination, Ms. Tho developed 12 hectares of bare land following the garden-pond-livestock model. She has been honored as one of 100 outstanding Vietnamese women.

Phung Thi Tho comes from a farming family whose income is mainly based on agricultural production. In 2010, Tho’s locality had a policy to encourage local people to develop farming households. She started developing the garden-pond-livestock economic model on 12 hectares of land with only one buffalo. 
Despite numerous difficulties, Tho tirelessly learned from the experience of others. She said “At first, I planted peas. It took time to harvest peas on the two hills. After that, I shifted to growing jicama. With the revenue from that, I hired workers and invested in grapefruit and longan”.

During her startup period, Tho faced limited capital and fluctuating markets. With the help of the Women’s Union and the local Farmers’ Association, she survived and expanded her business. Tho took part in training courses on science and technology transfer and studied economic models. Tho’s business has become stable and profitable. The two bare hills are now covered with trees. The 12 hectares of land is used for aquaculture, orchards of grapefruit, longan, jackfruit, pineapple, and animal husbandry. This model generates income of more than US$44,000 per year. 

Ms. Tho said “I used to employ a lot of workers but now I use machines for digging, cutting roots, and fertilizing. I keep updated on market demand to know what to grow”.

Tho’s farm provides 30 workers stable incomes of US$130 to US$300 per month. Tho is helping poor families escape poverty and improve their lives. 

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha of Ba Vi district, who has worked at Tho’s farm for 7 years, said “Ms. Tho has provided us with stable jobs and income. She enthusiastically shared with us her experience in farming and husbandry”.

Tho’s garden-pond-livestock model has been replicated in her locality.


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