Ha Long Bay looking to cash in on Kong: Skull Island

VOV.VN - People, young and old, aged 13 and up, stood in line over this past weekend in Hanoi at the downtown cinema to buy admission tickets to the newly released film Kong: Skull Island.

ha long bay looking to cash in on kong: skull island hinh 0

They were excited about the movie primarily because it was shot in Vietnam and they believed it would showcase scenes taken in popular tourist destinations in the provinces of Ninh Binh, Quang Ninh and Quang Binh.

Kong: Skull Island was shot at numerous heritage sites throughout Vietnam, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh, Tam Coc-Van Long Natural Reserve, Trang An Complex in Ninh Binh, as well as the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park located in Quang Binh.

The movie, tells the story of a group of US soldiers who in 1973 following the military defeat in the Vietnam US War, take on Kong whom they think they can defeat and thus defeating Kong becomes a symbol for rectifying their loss.

In short, the movie is all about the senselessness of war. The movie has received mixed reviews at best around the globe but has been doing great at the box office having grossed 142 million US dollars worldwide.

In Vietnam, far too many, like those in Ha Long Bay have overlooked the substance of the movie in favour of looking to cash in and make a fast buck.

Most notably, the province of Quang Ninh, where Ha Long Bay is located, seeks to take advantage of opportunities the film might bring to its fledging tourism industry. Doan Anh Linh, head of the travel division at the provincial Department of Tourism, believes the film will promote the image of Ha Long Bay.

The Department plans to offer free tickets to the premier screening of the movie to tour operators and hand out brochures on Ha Long Bay during the screening, Linh noted, adding that more measures will be adopted to introduce Ha Long Bay.

It’s unfortunate that the leaders of Ha Long Bay did not take the time to find out what the movie was about and ask themselves why they are not promoting the actual message of the film about the Vietnam War with the US.

The movie is all about the senselessness of all wars.

Instead, they choose to act only in their own greed and desire to cash in and stuff money in their pockets.


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