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Preservation of Southeast Asian culture discussed

09:22 | 10/07/2015

Experts from a number of Southeast Asian nations gathered at a two-day conference, which opened on October 6 in Hanoi, to seek ways to preserve regional intangible cultural heritages in the context of rapid urbanisation, modernisation and globalisation.

Museums receive paper art training

09:45 | 10/04/2015

Conservators from local museums, fine arts colleges and fine artwork preservation centres will attend a short training course on paper artwork restoration from October 5 to 9 in Hanoi.

It’s time to rethink Vietnam’s agriculture system

16:58 | 10/02/2015

(VOV) - A workshop bringing together several hundred of the smartest and most innovative minds in agriculture recently convened in Hanoi to tackle the tough issues surrounding sustainability.

Paradise found: 10 islands in Khanh Hoa

16:48 | 10/01/2015

(VOV) - Visitors to Khanh Hoa province should not miss a chance to travel to 10 islands like Binh Ba, Binh Hung, Binh Tien, Hon Tam, Hon Mun and Hon Mieu.

Produce exports expected to top US$2 bln in 2015

09:28 | 09/30/2015

Fruit and vegetable exports are expected to reach US$2 billion this year as more and more countries have opened their door to Vietnamese fruits and vegetables.

Rumours hit big-drumstick chicken trademark

09:11 | 09/30/2015

Concerns have been raised after a story of Chinese merchants buying a large amount of Dong Tao big-drumstick chicken’s eggs and chicks at steep prices was spread in the media.

The Bo Y’s preservation of their cultural uniqueness

11:54 | 09/30/2015

(VOV) - Although they are a minority, the Bo Y have been able to preserve their cultural uniqueness, which includes traditional costume, architecture, and wedding and funeral ceremonies.

Traditional toys make a comeback

10:37 | 09/27/2015

Mid-Autumn traditional toys are considered to be special as they not only bring joy to children but are also a cultural treasure imbued with national identity, furthermore they are associated with the stories of childhood of many generations throughout Vietnam.

Room remains for tuna export growth

09:07 | 09/24/2015

Vietnam’s tuna exports have rapidly increased in recent years, and the country still holds potential for more growth in this area, according to industry insiders.

GEF helps Vietnam increase biodiversity preservation

09:40 | 09/23/2015

The Global Environment Fund (GEF) has funded a project to boost biodiversity preservation in Vietnam through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Synthetic rhino horns could not solve poaching problem

09:27 | 09/23/2015

The Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV) and international wildlife animal preservation organisations issued a joint statement on September 22 opposing the use of synthetic rhino horns as a solution to preventing the hunt for rhinos in the world.

Vietnam reduces CFC consumption following Montreal Protocol

11:54 | 09/21/2015

Vietnam has significantly reduced its consumption of three ozone-depleting substances – Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), Hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and Halon – since joining the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in January 1994.

ASEAN youth to discuss how to preserve culture amid integration

12:11 | 09/16/2015

Youth representatives from seven ASEAN member countries will gather in HCM City on September 17 to present their thoughts and ideas and suggest recommendations for building the ASEAN Community.

Hanoi, Swiss cities solidify connections

11:42 | 09/16/2015

A Hanoi delegation led by Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen The Thao recently toured Geneva and Bern in a bid to boost multifaceted cooperation between the Vietnamese capital city and the Swiss cities.

Agriculture ensures food security and contributes to rural development

09:51 | 09/15/2015

(VOV) - Vietnam’s agricultural sector marks its 70th anniversary on September 14. Vietnam is now able to ensure its national food security and has become one of the world’s biggest exporters of agricultural products.