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Vietnamese switch off electricity during Earth Hour

18:55 | 03/29/2015

People in different cities and provinces throughout Vietnam turned off power for an hour on March 29 night and partook in an array of activities in observance of the global Earth Hour 2015 campaign.

Traditional crafts go to imperial city

09:46 | 03/19/2015

Craft workers from traditional villages nationwide will gather in the former imperial capital city of Hue to display their handiwork over five festive days at the Hue Traditional Craft Festival.

The largest Chinese street festival in Saigon

10:23 | 03/14/2015

Thousands of people in Saigon and tourists have flocked to District 5 in HCM City to participate in the Tet Nguyen Tieu Festival of the Chinese community in Cho Lon.

Spring festivals with sporting spirit in Vietnam

10:24 | 03/09/2015

In Vietnam, festivals are usually held in the spring. They each have their own characteristics and values, but are always directed towards a sacred entity enshrined as national heroes who fight foreign invaders, are founders of traditional trades, and who kill wild beasts to protect the people.

Royal seals bring good luck at temple's festival

08:46 | 03/04/2015

A palanquin parade kicked off the long-awaited Tran Temple Festival on March 1 in northern Nam Dinh province.

The slaughter continues

16:08 | 03/02/2015

Despite accusations of barbarism, the Pig Slaughter Festival went ahead in Bac Ninh province’s Nem Thuong village, Van Nguyen writes.

Spring tea festival adds colour to Thai Nguyen

16:14 | 03/01/2015

(VOV) - “Huong sac Tra Xuan” (Colour of Spring Tea) Festival kicked off on March 1 in the northern province of Thai Nguyen - the largest area under green tea trees.

Chingay Parade features Vietnamese culture

17:32 | 02/28/2015

(VOV) - The reverberating sounds of Central Highland gongs were a cherished highlight at the 2015 Chingay Parade that got underway on the evening of February 27 in Singapore with more than 100,000 visitors lining the city streets.

Vietnamese culture embellishes Cyprus Carnival

15:24 | 02/26/2015

Vietnam’s signature red-and-golden-star flag, traditional long dress (ao dai) and folk music were featured in the Grand Parade of the Limassol Carnival in the Republic of Cyprus on February 22.

Ceremonial Ploughing Festival opens in Ha Nam province

20:46 | 02/25/2015

(VOV) - Le Tich Dien or the Ceremonial Ploughing Festival took place in the northern province of Ha Nam on February 25.

Firecracker festival in Dong Ky village

17:01 | 02/23/2015

(VOV) - For centuries, tens of thousands have gathered at Dong Ky village in the northern province of Bac Ninh each New Year to celebrate the traditional firecracker festival on the 4th to the 6th day of the first lunar month.

Spring Festivals during Tet

02:16 | 02/20/2015

(VOV) - January and February are the most exciting months of the year in Vietnam with a variety of festivals organized throughout the nation on the occasion paying homage to Buddha, ancestors and praying for good fortune.

Danang to host 7th int’l firework competition

18:11 | 01/31/2015

The 7th Danang International Fireworks Competition (DIFC) 2015 will take place in the central city on April 28-29, the municipal People’s Committee announced on January 30.

Vietnam to attend Chingay parade

13:15 | 01/15/2015

(VOV) -A number of artists from the Vietnam National Music Song and Dance Theatre will represent the country at the Chingay parade – one of Asia’s grandest parades set for February 27-28 in Singapore.

7th National Games kicks off in Nam Dinh province

09:09 | 12/08/2014

The 7th National Games was officially kicked off in Thien Truong Stadium in Nam Dinh city, northern Nam Dinh province on December 6.