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UN helps Vietnam tackle violence against women

18:22 | 10/30/2014

(VOV) -Reduction in violence against women is a key indicator for progress of any society and a necessary goal to reach sustainable human development.

Vietnam, China extend law enforcement cooperation

13:10 | 10/28/2014

The ministries of public security of Vietnam and China agreed to employ practical measures to promote their cooperation in law enforcement during the 4th conference on bilateral cooperation in crime prevention and control in Beijing on October 27.

Vietnamese museum staff needs more practical training

15:11 | 10/23/2014

Vietnamese museum staff need more practical training, said Amareswar Galla, Director of the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum, at a conference in Hanoi on October 22.

Party chief calls cultural well-being a measure of progress

20:07 | 10/18/2014

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has underscored the significance of culture, saying that it is a spiritual foundation of the society, a measure of national progress and on par with politics, economics and environment.

Peacekeeping shows Vietnam’s responsibility for global issues

19:53 | 10/18/2014

(VOV) - Vietnam has had peacekeepers in the field with the United Nations participating in multinational humanitarian efforts in areas hit by civil war and political unrest to assist in restoring law and order and providing a calming effect.

Defence Minister’s China visit fosters ties

21:59 | 10/17/2014

Vietnam and China defence ministers shared the wish to strengthen their neighbourly friendship as the two countries share mutual interests at their talks in Beijing on October 17.

UN appreciates Vietnam’s participation in peacekeeping

21:18 | 10/17/2014

The United Nations (UN) appreciates Vietnam’s active participation in peacekeeping operations and believes the country will be a reliable peacekeeping partner, UN high-level officials said.

Party leader launches new school year at Security Academy

18:12 | 10/17/2014

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong beat the drum to open the 2014-2015 academic year at Hanoi’s People’s Security Academy (PSA) on October 17.

Vietnam, Cambodia agree to boost defence cooperation

10:31 | 10/17/2014

Vietnam’s Defence Academy and the Cambodian Royal Academy of Military should further bolster their training cooperation and experience exchange, so as to improve the quality of officers, a senior officer has said.

Russia pledges to expand human resources training

12:43 | 10/15/2014

(VOV) - Rector A.V. Torkunov on October 14vowed to augment human resource training for Vietnamese diplomats at a ceremony held in Moscow marking the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

Indian Coast Guard Ship visits Da Nang

18:34 | 10/14/2014

(VOV) - Indian Coast Guard Ship Samudra Paheredar with 122 officers and crew members on board has docked at Da Nang port, beginning an official visit to Vietnam from October 14-16.

NA Chairman launches new school year at Police Academy

23:08 | 10/13/2014

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung on October 13 attended a ceremony launching the 2014-2015 academic year at the Hanoi-based People’s Police Academy.

Belarus, Vietnam to boost defence cooperation

16:37 | 10/08/2014

(VOV) - High-ranking military officers of Vietnam and Belarus shared experiences in building their armed forces and discussed measures to foster cooperation in training and ideological activities.

First onboard safety drill at Ha Long Bay

15:06 | 10/07/2014

A fire safety drill was conducted on tourist boats in Ha Long Bay in the northern province of Quang Ninh on October 6 for the first time.

The sparkle of Liberation Day of Hanoi 60 years ago

16:56 | 10/04/2014

(VOV) - Though six decades have elapsed, the images of the victorious army returning triumphantly to liberate the capital city after years of occupation by French colonialists remain deeply imbedded in the minds of those old enough to remember.