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Comic book festivals to visit HCM City, Hanoi

09:00 | 08/27/2015

Vietnam Comic Day 2015 will be organised in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi on August 30 and September 6, respectively.

Central highland ethnic group's culture to be showcased

09:25 | 08/19/2015

Different aspects of the traditional Co Tu ethnic group's culture in central Quang Nam Province will be presented on the outskirts of Hanoi between August 19 and 23.

Performance of Khmer traditional musical instruments at Doi pagoda

09:57 | 08/16/2015

(VOV) - Khmer ethnic minority people’s rich and diverse traditional culture is reflected in their traditional festivals like Dolta, Ok Om Bok, and boat racing. These festivals are always exciting with performances of various musical instruments.

Martial artist spreads message to Italy

11:02 | 08/12/2015

The first international Vietnamese traditional martial arts championships kicked off on August 9 in the capital.

ASEAN Community Women’s Circle of Hanoi debuts

16:58 | 08/11/2015

(VOV) - Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds an inauguration ceremony of the ASEAN Community Women’s Circle of Hanoi (AWCH) on August 11 marking the regional group’s 48th founding anniversary and 20 years celebrating Vietnam’s ASEAN membership.

Sports festivals for school students to return to true value next year

10:20 | 08/10/2015

Sports tournaments for K-12 schools in Vietnam will not be the place for professional athletes and students under training to become the athletes from 2016 onward, according to new government regulations.

Ceremony marks VN’s 15-year presence in Berlin beer festival

09:09 | 08/09/2015

In the framework of the Berlin International Beer Festival, a ceremony to mark 15 years of Vietnam’s participation in the festival was organised in Berlin on August 7.

Ethnics voice traditional value preservation ideas

09:19 | 08/07/2015

More than 50 village patriarchs and artisans of the 16 smallest ethnic groups in Vietnam gathered in Hanoi on August 6 to speak on ways to uphold their traditional cultural identities.

Children’s opinions to be taken into account in policy design

11:49 | 08/06/2015

The design and implementation of national, school-level and community-based policies and programmes that affect children’s lives should take their views and opinions into account.

VTV and TBS to produce second TV drama

11:28 | 08/04/2015

After the first jointly produced TV drama Nguoi cong su (fellow worker), Vietnam Television (VTV) and Japan’s Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Television will turn out the second drama “Khuc hat mat troi” (the sun’s song)

Epics in Raglai people’s cultural life

09:15 | 08/09/2015

(VOV) - Raglai epics are a narrative genre passed down orally from generation to generation. Epics are retold during community events. To Tuan talks about epics and their position in the cultural life of Raglai people.

Dong Thap to become tourism hot-spot

10:19 | 08/04/2015

With a breathtaking natural landscape rich in cultural and historical treasures, Dong Thap province is set to become a tourism hot-spot.

Mu Cang Chai: astonishing destination for tourism

09:50 | 07/31/2015

The magnificent scenery and breathtaking beauty of Khau Pha mountain pass or Mo fall and the delightful flavour of Can wine in the mountainous district of Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai northern province may make it one of the most exquisite sites in the nation.

Chapi musical instrument reflects the Raglai soul

09:53 | 07/29/2015

(VOV) - Wealthy people of the Raglai group possess Ma La flat gongs, but poor Raglai people have the Chapi, a simple musical instrument that imitates the sound of the Ma La.

Ba Na Hills welcomes one millionth tourist in 2015

12:10 | 07/28/2015

The Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort, one of the most popular destinations in central Danang city, on July 27 welcomed its one millionth tourist in 2015.