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Cao Son's challenging, striking terrain steals travellers' hearts

12:00 | 10/09/2015

Autumn is the ideal season for anyone who loves the meanders and the fresh, cool air of the highland areas.

Magnificent cloud-covered scenery of Lao Cai province

16:29 | 09/24/2015

(VOV) - Visitors will have an opportunity to see, not only the beauty of rice terraces and spectacular roads, but also the stunning cloud-covered scenery of Lao Cai province this season.

Autumn tours draw Vietnamese tourists

17:00 | 09/21/2015

Autumn tours offered by local travel firms have become increasingly appealing to Vietnamese tourists with companies announcing a rise in the number of bookings.

Beautiful Lao Cai in ‘yellow season’

12:01 | 09/17/2015

(VOV) - Y Ty stretch of road in northern Lao Cai province look stunningly beautiful in autumn with blinding sunlight and ‘yellow’ paddy fields.

Destinations with cool air, pretty beaches in Vietnam

10:24 | 09/17/2015

Cool air throughout the year and wonderful beaches are an excellent reason for tourists to visit Vietnam in summer.

The most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam

14:00 | 08/30/2015

Stretching from Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan, Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen to Binh Dinh, the south-coastal region has the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam. Let’s look at the beauty of the sea and islands in the region from the nameless beaches to the famous beaches and the bays of coastal cities.

Beirut protests turn violent for second day as PM threatens to quit

10:17 | 08/24/2015

Protests against the Lebanese government turned violent for a second day on August 23, and Prime Minister Tammam Salam threatened to resign as public discontent brought thousands into the streets.

Endearing beauty of Mai Chau Valley

19:02 | 08/21/2015

(VOV) -Mai Chau is a captivating valley situated between tall cliffs and surrounded by rice paddy fields, lush green forests and nature reserves whose beauty visitors find enchanting.

10 most romantic getaways in Vietnam

15:58 | 07/01/2015

(VOV) -Vietnam is increasingly becoming popular as a romantic getaway with candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, and pampering accommodations.

Nearly 200 injured amid fire explosion in Taiwan

10:21 | 06/28/2015

About 200 people were injured after a fire suspected to have stemmed from the explosion of an unknown flammable powder occurred in a recreational park in northern Taiwan, local media reported on June 27.

Northwest river captivates intrepid explorers

12:01 | 06/26/2015

It was the beginning of winter in the northern province of Ha Giang. Tran Anh Tu, 30, said he still remembered the fog covering the endless mountain ranges on two sides of the Gam River. They took off on a journey straight out of a fantasy, gliding along in a high-speed boat down the river.

Natural landscapes of Vietnam in panoramic photos

12:10 | 06/24/2015

(VOV) -The natural landscapes of Vietnam with its rice paddy fields, beautiful lakes, and imposing mountains become more charming through a number of panoramic photos.

Son Doong Cave: One place on Earth most like Jurassic World

15:45 | 06/20/2015

Jurassic World is now the biggest opening movie of all time and it has been widely reported that the film’s combined worldwide box office tally the largest ever.

Evening clouds on Co To Island

10:23 | 05/27/2015

Co To Island in Quang Ninh Province has the most beautiful and romantic beach in Vietnam with transparent blue sea, white smooth sand, golden sunshine, and green mountains and forest.

Sa Pa culture, tourism week kicks off

17:46 | 05/01/2015

The 2015 Sa Pa Culture and Tourism Week opened on April 30 in Sa Pa town, northern Lao Cai province, amid the cheerful celebrations marking the 40 th anniversary of national reunification.