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Resisting the designs of major powers

19:03 | 07/20/2014

The signing of the Geneva Accords in 1954 is a seminal event in Vietnamese history that offers a crucial lesson - knowing the full story is crucial for understanding behind-the-scenes manipulation by big powers.

VN Ambassador to EU decries China’s illegal acts in East Sea

11:05 | 07/19/2014

(VOV) -Vietnamese Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg, and the European Union (EU) Pham Sanh Chau on July 17 posted an article on the European Political Newspaper NewEurope, showing his strong opposition to a wrongful view on the East Sea by the Chinese Ambassador to Belgium and EU.

Hanoi Hilton' receives grim title

09:15 | 07/17/2014

Hoa Lo Prison in downtown Hanoi has been listed as one of five "macabre destinations" in Southeast Asia, according to CNN Travel.

Samsung selects Vietnam as site for US$982 million facility

19:00 | 07/16/2014

(VOV) - Samsung Electronics has select Vietnam over the Republic of Korea (RoK) as the location for a new factory to produce mobile phones, according to an article by editorial writer Choi Yong-hae on Donga Ilbo newspaper (East Asia Daily).

President Office announces newly-approved laws, resolution

01:17 | 07/11/2014

The State President’s Office on July 10 held a press conference to announce new laws and a resolution that were approved during the seventh session of the 13th National Assembly in late June.

German media cover Hoang Sa-Truong Sa seminar

17:37 | 07/10/2014

(VOV) - – one of Germany’s largest financial e-portals on July 9 reported on an international seminar on Vietnam’s Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagos which was held in the central city of Danang from June 19-21.

Ambassador to Thailand opposes Chinese colleague’s view

00:40 | 07/09/2014

Vietnamese Ambassador to Thailand Nguyen Tat Thanh on July 7 wrote an article on the country’s daily Matichon, opposing the wrongful view of Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Ning Fukui on the East Sea published earlier on the same newspaper.

Finance ministry mulls rubber export tax break

09:02 | 07/06/2014

The Ministry of Finance is considering scrapping the rubber export tax with the aim of removing difficulties for companies amid falling latex prices and declining exports.

Legal remarks for Vietnam’s lawsuit against China

11:57 | 07/03/2014

(VOV) -The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) has legal jurisdiction to intervene in Vietnam's international disputes and impose sanctions, discipline or an appropriate dispute resolution process in furtherance of a peaceful settlement.

China’s repeated use of force – a “terrorist behaviour"

13:05 | 07/01/2014

(VOV) - As a large country, China has used coercion and made threats to use force to wage war against a small country, according to Lawyer Le Thanh Son.

China still adds fuel to East Sea hot spot

16:24 | 06/28/2014

(VOV) - Despite incessantly asserting it desires peace and does not want to complicate the situation, China continues to blatantly doublespeak in attempts to change the status quo in defiance of all.

Two-year imprisonment kept for blogger infringing State interest

09:06 | 06/27/2014

The appeal court of the Supreme People’s Court, during its hearing in central Da Nang city on June 26, rejected the appeal lodged by blogger Truong Duy Nhat and upheld his two-year imprisonment sentence for the charge of "abusing freedoms to infringe upon interests of the State, legitimate rights and interests of organisations and/or citizens."

French newspapers rebuke China’s wrongful acts

13:14 | 06/25/2014

(VOV) -In recent days, many major French newspapers have run more articles protesting against China’s unjustified hegemony and its illegal placement of the oil rig Haiyang Shiyoug-981 in the East Sea.

US Congress urged to pass nuclear deal with Vietnam

09:26 | 06/20/2014

(VOV) - US nuclear firms have asked the Congress to soon ratify a civil nuclear deal with Vietnam, saying the passage will help boost exports and generate more jobs for Americans.

Australian expert disagrees with China’s view on East Sea issue

11:58 | 06/17/2014

(VOV) - Professor Carlyle A. Thayer – a renowned expert on the East Sea from the Australian Defence Force Academy – stands in staunch opposition to the recent claims by two purported Chinese scholars that China’s sovereignty claims are legitimate.