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Experts discuss rising rate of Nguyen Trong Dam

11:43 | 08/24/2015

The rate of prostitution and prostitution-related crimes has increased sharply in the country, while measures to deter such activities have not been successful, a meeting in HCM City has heard.

The inseparable ties of villagers along Vietnam-Cambodia border

20:04 | 07/27/2015

Villagers along the border of Vietnam and Cambodia have maintained close relations for generations and, for them, the ‘border line’ is just like a fence between two nearby houses.

Southern Thailand faces spate of attacks

10:09 | 07/12/2015

Seven fatalities and a dozen injuries have resulted from recent violent attacks and bomb detonations in Thailand’s war-torn south.

Event Calendar

17:16 | 05/23/2015

(VOV) - The European Film Festival is currently taking place at the Vietnam National Cinema Centre on 87 Lang Ha Street. Audiences attending the event have the opportunity to watch a variety of films in the genres of history, culture and society.

Workers refuse dormitories in City

09:01 | 04/27/2015

Managements of many industrial parks and export processing zones in HCM City have built dormitories for employees, but only a small fraction of the workers choose to stay in these places.

Malaysian, Vietnamese detained for trafficking women into prostitution

10:07 | 04/22/2015

Vietnamese police are dealing with a case in which a Malaysian man and a Vietnamese woman were found luring Vietnamese women into forced prostitution in Malaysia, local media reported.

Nation honours Francophone Day

09:05 | 03/16/2015

Vietnam will once again honour the French language through a film festival and concerts to celebrate International Francophone Day, which falls on March 20.

12 youth asphyxiated at karaoke parlour, 6 dead

17:15 | 09/09/2014

(VOV) - Six young men are dead and six others, including a woman, are in critical condition in hospital after a tragic accident on September 8 at a karaoke parlour in the northern province of Quang Ninh.

South Africa, France mark ASEAN Sports and Family Day

12:16 | 06/01/2014

(VOV) - More than 400 people including ASEAN embassy personnel and their families, along with members of the diplomatic community, came together in South Africa and France on May 31 for a day of camaraderie, friendship and fun.

Five killed in a Hanoi karaoke bar fire

16:39 | 05/03/2014

(VOV) - At least five people were found dead in a fire that broke out at a four-story karaoke bar in Hanoi’s Giang Vo street on May 3.

Japanese winter festival opens in HCM City

17:33 | 02/15/2014

(VOV) - Thousands of young locals are celebrating the Fuyu Matsuri winter festival at Ho Chi Minh City’s Youth Culture Theatre on February 15.

108 Vietnamese women rescued in Malaysia raids

10:42 | 01/07/2014

(VOV) - Malaysian police recently raided two premises in Seri Manjung town, rescuing 108 Vietnamese women from an allegedly human trafficking ring.

Workshop seeks ways to tackle prostitution

10:20 | 11/26/2013

Foreign and domestic delegates gathered in Quang Ninh province on November 25 to seek ways to fight against prostitution, which has been getting more sophisticated in this booming hi-tech era.

Mekong Delta localities reach out to trafficked victims

09:43 | 10/02/2013

Members from the Vietnam Women’s Union chapters in the Mekong Delta met at a workshop in Can Tho city on October 1 to consider helping trafficked women integrate back into society.

Japanese culture highlighted at Hanoi Fukuoka Fair 2013

19:26 | 08/14/2013

(VOV) -A Vietnam-Japan festival, themed “Fukuoka Fair in Hanoi 2013”, will be held at the Deawoo Hotel from August 29-31 to mark the 40th anniversary of the two countries’ diplomatic ties.