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Dalat Hasfarm opens store in Hanoi

10:05 | 07/22/2014

(VOV) -Dalat Hasfarm, the leading Vietnamese fresh flower grower and supplier in the Central Highland resort of Da Lat, opened its first retail store in Hanoi to break into this lucrative market.

EU a key Vietnamese shrimp consumer

18:38 | 06/25/2014

(VOV) -The EU is now the third largest importer of Vietnamese shrimp, trailing behind the US and Japan, according to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP).

Germany–lucrative market for tuna exports

12:54 | 05/08/2014

(VOV) - Germany has consistently remained the largest consumer of Vietnamese tuna within the European Union and the second single largest in the world over the past three years.

Twenty years of Peru-Vietnam relations

18:00 | 04/11/2014

(VOV) -The Peruvian Chargé d’affaires in Vietnam has highlighted Vietnam and Peru’s huge potential for developing a sound relationship in the future during a recent interview granted to a Voice of Vietnam (VOV) reporter.

Ecuador promotes trade ties with Vietnam

18:41 | 03/18/2014

(VOV) - Ecuador’s Foreign Ministry announced on March 17 that Vietnam and Ecuador will establish a group to carry out a feasibility study on negotiating a preferential tariff agreement to boost bilateral trade ties.

Various activities and services for lovers’ day

13:30 | 02/14/2014

(VOV) -Vietnamese lovers, especially the younger generation, are flocking to department stores to buy Valentine’s Day confectionery and other special gifts for the valentine in their lives.

Vietnam pursues self-reliant foreign policy

11:35 | 01/15/2014

(VOV) - Vietnam’s foreign policy is founded on principles of independence, self-reliance, peace, and cooperation, Chairman of the National Assembly Office Nguyen Hanh Phuc has said.

World youth festival closes

18:43 | 12/15/2013

Vietnam’s 85-member delegation participated in a wide range of activities at the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students that closed on December 13 in Quito, Ecuador.

World Festival of Youth, Students underway in Ecuador

09:09 | 12/09/2013

A Vietnamese delegation with 85 outstanding young people is attending the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students, which opened in Quito, Ecuador, on December 7.

Vietnamese students to join world festival in Ecuador

11:58 | 12/02/2013

(VOV) - Eighty five Vietnamese students will attend the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students in Ecuador from December 7-12.

Tuna exports to EU rocket

10:01 | 11/22/2013

Vietnam’s tuna products shipped to the European market rose 31% in the first nine months of this year to US$106 million, while exports to other major markets showed a decline.

Seafood exports hit US$5.5 billion in 10 months

12:07 | 11/04/2013

(VOV) - They showed a 7.3% increase from a year earlier, with the October shipments estimated at US$680 million (up 14%) and the third-quarter value at more than US$1.9 billion (up 17.4%).

“Flower and Life” exhibition opens in Hanoi

17:41 | 08/30/2013

(VOV) -Flower lovers are flocking to Hanoi’s Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM) to enjoy the “Flowers and Life” exhibition taking place over August 30–September 2.

Shrimp exporters hope to win US anti-subsidy lawsuit

13:23 | 08/16/2013

(VOV) -The Vietnam Competition Authority (VCA) is cooperating with the government’s lawyers and the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) to settle the US lawsuit against frozen warm-water shrimp imported from Vietnam.

Ecuador seeks closer ties with Vietnam

18:33 | 06/24/2013

(VOV) -Ecuador considers Vietnam an important partner in Southeast Asia, affirmed Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño Aroca, who is visiting Vietnam from June 21-25.